Saturday, 14 February 2009


Fundraising BBQ in South Melbourne

When: Sunday February 22 - 1pm
Where: The Water Rat Hotel - 256 Moray St, South Melbourne

Entry is by gold coin donation.

There will be a BBQ and loads to do throughout the day - bring your family along and have some fun!

For BOOKINGS ONLY - (03) 9686 1980
Other enquiries EMAIL -

UPDATE: Hi Everyone.
Just a quick update - as much as it is deeply appreciated, I don't need anymore offers of time. :) The venue is suitably staffed, and setting up etc wont be a problem. The only things I am still in need of are stall HOLDERS, raffle items, and perhaps people who can run activities - I have a facepainter on board, but thats it. Maybe someone with access to a carnival style game? Nothing too large though. And if anybody can get me some celebrity endorsement, or can perhaps send a public figure down for the day to join in the fun, that would be fantastic!


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